Celebrate Day of The Dead With The Locals in Mexico City

Celebrate Day of The Dead With The Locals in Mexico City

Day of the Dead, or as they say it in Spanish “Día de Muertos”, is a Mexican holiday that dates back 3,000 year and is widely celebrated throughout Mexico.

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The holiday begins on 31st October until 2nd November annually. It may be called Day of the Dead, but the bulk of the activity takes place over two nights, November 1 when families welcome back children who have died, and November 2 when adults are remembered.

The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of families and friends at cemeteries and at home to pray for their deceased loved ones, supporting their spiritual journey.

2017 mexico dotd 7jpgaDay of the Dead celebration have also contributed to movie plot lines such as in 2014’s “The Book of Life” and the upcoming Pixar’s movie “Coco”.

In the 2015 James Bond film, Spectre, the opening sequence featured a Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City. At the time, no such parade has ever taken place in Mexico City. The city government and Mexican tourism officials were inspired by parts of the Bond film.

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Inspired by the film, officials have decided to host a similar parade, On 29 October 2016, the city government of Mexico City decided to host its first ever Day of The Day parade that started at the Angel of Independence and finish at the historic Zocalo square.

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The procession was filled with music, costumes, floats and dancing.
Celebrants are seen wearing skeleton costumes, walking on stilts and riding novelty bicycles

2017 mexico dotd 3aThe huge main square (the Zocalo) was decorated with hundreds of giant skulls. The procession attracted over 250,000 people adorned in full skulls and skeletons, oceans of marigolds and the female skeleton La Calavera Catrina.

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If you’re planning to celebrate this traditional celebration with the locals in Mexico City, prepare yourself to observe the shrines that families have put up for their deceased love ones.

2017 mexico dotd 5aThe altars are adorned with photographs, votive candles and items the deceased enjoyed such as food and drink. Check out the local art and don’t forget to visit and witness how the locals decorate the cemeteries of their loved ones.

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