10 Things To Do In Sri Lanka In 10 Days

10 Things To Do In Sri Lanka In 10 Days

Expect a jam-packed vacation with plenty of attractions in 7 cities that you can visit in only 10 days! Ride around in trains, buses and tuk tuks when you travel in Sri Lanka!

Listed below are 10 tourist attractions you can check out when you are in Sri Lanka.

Hike Up to the Golden Temple

2017 sri lanka golden temple
Getting to the Golden Temple would be quite a climb but when you arrive, you will be greeted with a spectacular view. This majestic temple, situated inside the cave is adorned with paintings on the walls and ceilings. The statues and paintings inside the caves are over 2000 years old. It is a windy place where one can relax and connect to the nature.

Visit the Largest Cave Temple in Sri Lanka

2017 sri lanka dambulla
Come and visit Dambulla Cave Temple, the largest and most well-preserved cave temple complex in the country. Inside the cave, you will find numerous Buddha statues and ancient art painted across the walls and ceilings. Find some peace and quiet while simultaneously meeting a bunch of monkeys playing and eating outside the temple. Click HERE to learn how to observe the strict dress code when you are visiting a temple.

Choose Between Sigiriya Rock and Pidurangala Rock

2017 sri lanka sigiriya
Pidurangala Rock is cheaper than Sigiriya Rock and it has fewer tourists whilst the breath-taking view up top is just about the same. Make sure you observe the dress code (as you will be passing a Temple) and wear comfortable and good hiking boots. At the top of the hike, the Reclining Buddha statue will be waiting for you.

2017 sri lanka sigiriya lion

Enter the Spiritual Temple of the Tooth

2017 sri lanka tooth

When entering the Temple of The Tooth, remember to cover up before trying to gain entry. The inside of the Temple is stunning and definitely worth a couple of hours wandering around. It's understandably a very spiritual place for Buddhists and tourists alike and so be mindful of those praying while you are walking around (as many are sitting on the floor to pray).

2017 sri lanka tooth 1

Hike Up to Adam’s Peak to Watch the Sunrise

2017 sri lanka adams peak
Adam’s Peak (Sri Padaya) is a scared pilgrim site specially for Buddhists. They believe the imprint of the summit is the footprint of Lord Buddha. The trek is very popular among tourists because of the breath-taking view hikers get to see when they are climbing and when they reach the top. Start your climb late night, 2 am being the recommended time and go down after watching the spectacular sunrise.

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Take a Stroll at Demodara Nine Arch Bridge

2017 sri lanka train

This massive railway bridge is mind blowing considering it was completed in 1921 by 400 people and was built with only using cement, rocks and brick. This bridge is still fully functional until today. A must see site if you visit Ella, Sri Lanka. Check what time the train is passing by first before heading down. You wouldn’t waste hours waiting for the train to pass.

Splash Around in the Water at Mirissa Beach

2017 sri lanka mirissa
Mirissa Beach is highly recommended if you're looking for a calm and relaxing time after a hectic day of sightseeing and climbing. The water is crystal clear with the right amount of waves and it is excellent for surfing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. The beach is not over run with tourists and has a lot of options for restaurants and drinks.

Head Down to Mihiripenna Beach to Watch Stilt Fishermen

2017 sri lanka stilt fishing
Mihiripenna Beach is a beautiful beach with soft sand and crystal clear water. In the early morning and evening you can see the stilt fishermen in action. Swim in the calm lagoon area and spot turtles and little crabs scuttling around. Try climbing up the rocks and go for a walk by the beach filled with coconut trees.

Shop at Pettah market

2017 sri lanka pettah market

Many local vendors sell fruits, vegetables, handmade bags, textiles, fish and almost anything you need in Pettah market. You can get some decent souvenirs here as well, as there is a whole alleyway dedicated to just that. Just make sure you've got your most comfortable walking shoes on and embrace the chaos. If you want to escape the chaos, the best time is around 10am when the streets are a little less hectic.

Meet the Wild Elephants of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

2017 sri lanka elephant
Meeting the wild (now tamed) Asian elephants at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is a must-do activity for visitors of Sri Lanka. This 25-acre site serves as the nursery and captive breeding ground for abandoned and disabled elephants. Since its establishment in 1975, it has long been providing love, care and shelter to orphaned baby elephants that were found in the wild.

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