5 Things Pet Owners Must Do Before They Travel

5 Things Pet Owners Must Do Before They Travel

The time has come for you to take time off work and you finally decide that you want to travel overseas for a month.

Unfortunately you're also deciding to leave your furry pets back home and it can be quite stressful to be travelling while thinking about your pets, who is probably missing you.

Here are some helpful tips for you and your pets before you board on that plane ride!

Make Sure Your Pet is Collared and Easy to be Identified

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If your cat or dog unknowingly makes a run for it, make sure the collar around their neck has your personal details for easy contact and also the contact of a preferred emergency number. You don’t want your dog or cat wandering around lost!

Detailed Care Instructions

Remember to leave clear and detailed information to your pet-sitter or pet boarder.

Leave instructions on what kind of food they eat and how much food intake need to be given to your pet. If your pet has a specific medicine that needs to be taken, be sure to leave specific instructions on how best to feed or give it to your pet without causing distress to both the sitter and the pet.

It is also best to include any information about your pet’s personality and characteristics. Are your pets the kind of pets that gets excited when someone rings the doorbell or do they have a specific hiding place when they don’t want to be found? Be as detailed as possible when writing down the instructions. It is better to give the pet-sitter more information rather than it being not enough.

If you still haven’t found a pet-sitter or a boarding house for your pet, check out www.petbacker.com for a wide selection of friendly pet-sitter and boarding houses near you!

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Leave Small Comforts

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Put an old t-shirt of yours into your dog or cats bed so that they’ll be comforted by the presence of your scent. Don’t forget to pack your dog or cats favourite toys. This method can make the pets feel more comfortable with the pet-sitter.

Buying your pets favourite treat can also boost your pets happiness. Assess your pet’s needs, if your pet is the kind of animal that has separation anxiety, a pet-sitter or a boarding house is the best option.

Talk to Your Veterinarian

This is an important step to make sure that your pet’s medicine and vaccination is refilled and up-to-date. If you’re gone for a long period of time, you have to check your pet’s health so that no complications will arise while you are gone on your vacation.


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Keep the Goodbye Short and Sweet

When you are departing with your domestic pets, pretend like all the other times you are leaving the house. Leaving your pets in a relaxed state is better so that they don’t get too anxious. It is a good idea to introduce your pet-sitter to your pets early on so they can be comfortable around new people.

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