5 Unusual Asian Delicacies to Challenge Your Tastebuds

5 Unusual Asian Delicacies to Challenge Your Tastebuds

Getting tired of eating meals that you can get in your local Asian restaurant?

Running out of ideas of what to order when you’re at the road-side stall in Asia?

Want a little adventure for your taste buds?

Challenge yourself and try these unusual local delicacies to heighten up your tongue senses the next time you’re backpacking around Asia!

Beondegi, South Korea

Beondegi is a common street food in South Korea that is made with silkworm’s pupae. This chewy Asian dish is usually boiled or steamed and is served in paper cups with toothpick skewers. So don’t forget to try this when you walk along the road in Seoul.

Durian, Malaysia

2017 weird food durian

Helmed as The King of The Fruits by local South East Asians, this fruit ranges from having a sweet to sour smell according to the type of Durian tree that it came from but don’t be startled by its thorny appearance and smell, this strong and strange dessert exudes a very strong odour that may linger for days and have made many eaters gagged in disgust.

Fried Grasshoppers, Thailand

2017 weird food fried grasshoppers

Many people in Thailand enjoy eating insects as a snack food, very often enjoyed with beer. This particular unusual Asian delicacy is crunchy when eaten and has a bit of a bug flavour (duh!) and they're usually fried in a wok and then seasoned with Golden Mountain sauce and a bit of Thai pepper powder to give it extra flavour.

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100 Year Old Egg, China

2017 weird food egg

This unusual and strange dish is a Chinese preserved food product and delicacy made by preserving the duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls for several weeks to several months. The taste is sweet and similar to hardboiled egg but with an extra kick going through the nostrils.

Sundae, Korea

2017 weird food sundae

I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is “Nope!” This is not the typical ice cream Sundae that you can get from your local ice cream man. This unusual Korean dish is made from cows and pig’s intestines which are cooked by boiling or steaming the meat so that it is served to look like the normal edible sausage you can buy from the grocery store. This dish is very popular in both North and South Korea.

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