An Ancient Journey Through The Temples Of Egypt

An Ancient Journey Through The Temples Of Egypt

Egypt is famous for being a top destination for some of the world's most famous sights and monuments. There are many Temples located around Egypt, each with its own history and unique architecture.

As with a lot of things in Egypt, you don't appreciate the beauty or size until you are standing right in front of it. It is recommended that you brush up on your Egyptian history and hieroglyphics before you embark on your trip to Egypt and its many Temples.

Temple of Luxor, Luxor City

2017 egypt temple luxor
Don’t forget to pack your lunch because the Temple of Luxor would make you stay there for hours! Walk around this temple and observe the hieroglyphs, colums, colonnades and statues. This temple is not as big as the Temple of Karnak but this place still pose for plenty of photo opportunities. The lighting at night will make this place magical. The Temple of Luxor has retained much of its original site and some original paintings can also be seen at this temple.

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Temple of Abu Simbel, Southwest of Aswan

2017 egypt temple abu simbel

Watch the sun rise over the Sahara desert and visit the Abu Simbel! The Temples of Abu Simbel are amongst the most interesting of all ancient Egyptian temples. Although this Temple is a few hour drive out of Luxor, travellers swear that it is all worth it. Inside these temples contain many drawings and paintings that are still well-preserved. Take the time to walk through both temples located in Abu Simbel, it is worth seeing. Please note that you can't take pictures inside either temple.

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Temple of Karnak, Al-Karnak

2017 egypt temple karnak

The temple area is a vast open-air museum and the largest ancient religious site in the world, and is probably the second most visited historical site in Egypt, second only to the Giza Pyramids near Cairo. You may have travelled the world and seen many wonders but travellers swear that this is the most fascinating place to visit. When you visit Temple of Karnak, don’t forget to walk around the giant beetle 7 times, for good luck! Start early in the day or even a night visit and marvel at the columns, carvings, and hieroglyphics.

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Colossi of Memnon

2017 egypt temple amenhotep

Have a quick stop at the statues of Amenhotep III and have a great photo opportunity that you can bring back home! If you were to visit the site today, you would only find debris lying here and there and two massive around eighteen foot high statues which were once the entrance of this burial chamber. Today, it is listed in the book of one of the most endangered monuments of all times.

Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari

2017 egypt temple montuhotep

The temple is on 3 levels and you can look over the city of Luxor. The statues that adorn the temple are all pretty much intact and in good condition and some artwork on the walls still have some good colour. The story of the temple has to be one of the most interesting of all the temples in Egypt and is worth researching before going to this Temple. Nestled deep in the rock, this Temple is yet another example of mind boggling Egyptian legends.

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