Chase the Aurora Borealis in These Countries

Chase the Aurora Borealis in These Countries

The northern lights are produced when different gas molecules and storm particles collide to great the stunning displays of light. When different gases collide, that is the cause of the light taking different colours. 

This phenomenon may seem like it only happens in far-flung countries, but think again! These lights might be dancing in the sky the next time you visit these countries. The best time to chase this phenomenon is during winter.


2017 aurora russia

Brave the Arctic Cold for the Arctic Lights. In Northern Russia, you’ve got a good chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis, if you can handle the below freezing temperatures of a typical Siberian winter. Russia has a few popular spots to catch sight of the Northern Lights.

Best Viewing Locations: Murmansk (Kola Peninsula), Arkhangelsk, Naryan-Ma, Taimyr Penisula.

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2017 aurora denmark

Greenland’s Inuit population has been enjoying some of the clearest views of the Northern Lights for centuries, and believe the eerie illuminations are the lost souls of the dead. Today, Greenland retains as one of the highest rates of Aurora sightings. Take a cruise along the sparsely populated east coast for a backdrop of towering icebergs or on a dog-sledding expedition.

Best Viewing Locations: Kangerlussuaq.

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2017 aurora scotland
The best places to view the Northern Lights in Scotland would be far away from large areas of light, so keen stargazers should head out of the city. The best viewing location for this natural phenomenon is in the Galloway Forest Park where people have even spotted Shooting Stars among the clear skies.

Best Viewing Locations: Isle of Skye, Moffat, Glencanisp Estate.

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2017 aurora norway
The northern town of Tromsø sits in the middle of the Northern Lights Oval, meaning there’s a high probability you’ll catch the auroras — even from the center of the city. For the best local treat, show up in Tromsø for the Northern Lights Festival, a celebration that features music, dance and more, for eleven days in late January and early February.

Best Viewing Locations: Tromsø, Alta, Svalbard, Finnmark

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2017 aurora sweden
The dark winter night in Sweden is perfect for sky watching. Come to Sweden and visit the famous Ice Hotel while you’re at it! There are also plentiful of playful reindeers in Sweden. The area around Abisko is scientifically proven to be an ideal viewing spot.

Best Viewing Locations: Kiruna, Abisko, Swedish Lapland

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