Do's & Don'ts When Holidaying In The Sunny Beaches of Miami

Do's & Don'ts When Holidaying In The Sunny Beaches of Miami

Thinking of spending you vacation under the sun in Miami? Well pack your sunglasses and sunscreen because Miami is definitely waiting for you!

Here are a few do’s and don’ts you should know before holidaying in the sunny beaches of Miami.

Do know the difference between Miami Beach and the City of Miami

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The city of Miami and Miami Beach are two different cities separated by not much water but worlds apart. Miami and South Beach are great places. It is also a larger and crowded city.

South Beach ("SoBe") has lots of great restaurants, hotels, shops, and clubs and such. If you stay in the SoBe area, all these locations are just a walk away.

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Do check the weather before heading down to the beach

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Miami is a prime location for hurricanes. In the case of a bad hurricane you need to have everything you need to survive without any assistance, water or electricity for a MINIMUM of 72 hours! Most hurricanes occur from mid-September to mid-October.

Don’t underestimate the sun in Miami – wear sunscreen at the beach, even if you don’t burn easily. A shark encounter is a possibility, avoid murky water, don’t go in the ocean after a big storm and stay where other people and life guards are. Watch for the rip current signs at the life guard stations and stay close to shore while the flags are up.

Do stay safe

Do take care of your valuables and don’t ever leave your valuables on the beach, if in doubt, have a travel companion or two to accompany you. If you will be going out, always keep your hotel room door locked and never leave valuables out in the open for itching hands to grab.

Ubers or Lyft are efficient and cheaper. If someone offers to share a cab or someone else calls one for you, do not take it. People have been mugged, especially leaving after the bar at night, by unscrupulous cab drivers.

Do not go to the beach after dark, when it’s filled with drug dealers, crack heads and trouble makers. This top is for the bar-hoppers out there, don’t ever leave your drink unattended when you go out, and don’t go out alone or with a stranger. Ladies, watch out for each other and keep a close eye on your drink. Finally, if you find yourself in trouble, never hesitate to call 9/11.

Don’t be offended by the people and culture

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Miami isn't your typical American city. First and foremost, don’t be offended when someone gives you’re a public display of affection like a kiss for a hello or a goodbye. It's a Latin thing.

When it comes to language, one should also not to be offended when the locals talk to you in Spanish, don’t assume that everyone will talk in English. The best way around it is to say “No hablo Español” which translates to I don’t speak Spanish.

Also be patient because when it comes to punctuality, don’t expect everyone to be on time. Miami time is being fashionably late, it’s normal for someone to arrive 30 minutes late.

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