The Most Exquisite and Amazing Mosques Around the World

The Most Exquisite and Amazing Mosques Around the World

With facades dressed in mosaics, glowing marble, crowning domes, and spiralling towers, these mosques are awe-strikingly stunning from the outside and are visited by both Muslims and tourists. These mosques were built with different styles and designs, to reflect from where and when it was built.

Marvel at all this list of beautiful mosques around the world and be sure to stop inside a mosque on your next trip.

Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Istanbul, Turkey)

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Constructed during the early 17th century, The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is better known as the Blue Mosque because of the blue tiles adorning the interior. The mosque’s interior has 20,000 blue tiles that line its high ceiling.

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Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

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The massive Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi holds more than 40,000 worshippers in its courtyard and prayer hall. The world’s largest Persian carpet stretches inside under German-imported chandeliers made with Swarovski crystals.

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Crystal Mosque (Terengganu, Malaysia)

2017 mosque terengganu 1
Built in 2008 out of steel, glass, and crystal, the Crystal Mosque is on the small side for Islamic houses of worship, and only holds around 1500 people.

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Nasir Al Molk Mosque (Shiraz, Iran)

2017 mosque shiraz 1
Uncommon in mosques, the stained glass windows of Iran’s Nasir al Molk in Shiraz illuminate its Persian carpets with a kaleidoscope of patterned flecks of light.

2017 mosque shiraz 2

Istiqlal Mosque (Jakarta, Indonesia)

2017 mosque jakarta 1
At the time of its construction in the late 20th century, Jakarta’s Istiqlal was considered avant-garde for its minaret and dome. Traditionally, Javanese mosques include a layered, triple-roof style, so the local Muslim community considers this mosque “too Arabic”.

2017 mosque jakarta 2

Jama Mosque (New Delhi, India)

2017 mosque india 1Image credit: holidify

India’s Jama Masjid features a red sandstone and marble exterior that pay homage to the Mughal Empire, much of which was influenced by Persia (now known as Iran).

2017 mosque india 2

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Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque – (Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei)

2017 mosque brunei 1

The mosque has marble minarets and golden domes with courtyards and lush gardens full of fountains. The mosque is surrounded by a large number of trees and floral gardens which in Islam symbolizes heaven. The building was completed in 1958 and is an example of modern Islamic architecture.

2017 mosque brunei 2

National Mosque of Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

2017 mosque kuala lumpur 1
The roof of the National Mosque of Malaysia, built in capital Kuala Lumpur during the late 20th century, draws its inspiration from the underside of an open umbrella.

2017 mosque kuala lumpur 2

Education City Mosque (Doha, Qatar)

2017 mosque doha 1

This mosque in Doha is elevated on five piers, that represent the five pillars of Islam—shahada (knowledge), salat (prayer), zakat (charity), siyam (fasting) and hajj (pilgrimage)—each engraved with Quranic verses in elegant calligraphy.

2017 mosque doha 2

Hassan ii Mosque (Casablanca, Morocco)

2017 mosque casablanca 1
Hassan II Mosque’s minaret is one of the tallest minarets in the world. Nearly 700-foot minaret in height, this minaret is iconic to Casablanca as the Empire State Building is to New York.

2017 mosque casablanca 2

Islamic Center (Washington D.C, U.S.A)

2017 mosque washington

The Islamic Center in Washington D.C. is celebrated for fusing together differing styles and cultural influences, particularly from Iran, Egypt, and Turkey.

Shah Faisal Mosque (Islamabad, Pakistan)

2017 mosque islamabad

Completed in 1986, the Faisal Mosque is designed in the shape of a Bedouin’s tent, and is the largest mosque in Pakistan.

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