Top 5 Hawaiian Beaches for a perfect getaway

Top 5 Hawaiian Beaches for a perfect getaway

A true tropical oasis, Hawaii has something to suit most of everyone's fantasy. Swirling 30-foot waves make surfers' dreams come true, while down the coast, tranquil turquoise waters beckon frolicking toddlers and families. Sit back, relax and imagine warm, tropical breezes tickling your skin as we take you on a tour of Hawaii's hottest beaches.

1. Waikiki Beach

2017 hawaii waikiki surfboardThe beauty of Waikiki begins at the yacht harbor, where boats of all kinds, from sporty, racing numbers to salty-dog blue cruisers, line the water. At the other end of Waikiki, this is where the locals come to jog in the park, swim at Sans Souci Beach or barbecue dinner with family and friends. Waikiki is packed with hotels, theatres, restaurants and shops that offer something for everyone. When you’re here, don’t forget to visit the statue of Hawaiian hero Duke Kahanamoku, who is regarded as the father of modern surfing.

2. Honaunau Bay

2017 hawaii honaunau bayHonaunau Bay offers visitors something other than the white, sandy beaches and rolling surf characteristic of Hawaii. The bay satisfies all levels of divers, from beginners to experts. Divers can swim with the likes of long-nosed butterfly fish, surgeon fish, yellow tang and kala and kole — even the endangered green sea turtle. Don’t forget to explore Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, an ancient sanctuary where breakers of the kapu (sacred laws) could take refuge from a death sentence.

 2017 hawaii honaunau tikis

3. Poipu Beach

2017 hawaii poipu beachPoipu Beach offers beachgoers something unusual among Hawaiian shores — calm waters. In the midst of beaches noted for mind-blowing surf, Poipu has gained a reputation for tranquil seas and golden beaches. Poipu beach is popular among families with toddlers and small children as the bays offer a sandy bottom and never gets deeper than 3 feet. Keep your eyes peeled towards the shore as the endangered monk seal is known to play there.

2017 hawaii poipu monk seal

4. Lahaina Beach

2017 hawaii lahainaLahaina Beach is considered one of the world's most romantic beaches. The tranquillity of its old fishing village, the lush tropical plant life and the majesty of the ocean has made Lahaina a favourite locale for marriage ceremonies. This traditional luau traces the history of the hula dance and tantalizes guests with passionate dancing, lei ceremonies and a succulent imu-roasted pig. So for all those out there still searching for a romantic destination, Lahaina Beach is the perfect fit for your Hawaiian-style wedding.

2017 hawaii lahaina weddingImage credit : Kauaweddingphotography

5. Lanikai Beach

2017 hawaii lanikaiLanikai is one of Hawaii's most scenic beaches. The shore is protected by a nearby coral reef, which keeps the surf relatively calm, and the water is always a deep turquoise or green. Visitors to Lanikai can kayak to the nearby twin islands of Mokumanu and Mokulua, both noted bird sanctuaries. This postcard-perfect beach is one of Hawaii's most popular spots for photo shoots! This beach oasis is also noted for serving up one of the best sunrises.

2017 hawaii lanikai kayak

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