Beautiful Destination With The Moroccan Eyes

Doukkala-Abda, Morocco
Private Tour, Local Experience

About Ahmed

About me

Hi everyone
This is Ahmed From Morocco
I'm a tour guide and I'm studying at university
I love soccer and i play it
I love travelling and meet new people from all the world
I'm here to invite all the people to come visite my beautiful country, and spend a great moment in it, if anyone want to come visite Morocco just say Hi
Just Do It

Languages I speak

English, Arabic

About Beautiful Destination With The Moroccan Eyes

The services that I offer

Visiting hidden placesVisiting hidden places
Visit local attractionsVisit local attractions
Historical and cultural activitiesHistorical and cultural activities
Food tripFood trip
Amusement parksAmusement parks
Nature and adventure activitiesNature and adventure activities
Shopping tripShopping trip

A detail of what I will be offering

I will take you to the most Beautiful places of Morocco, Nature views, Desert views, Architectural views ...

What to expect

There is a lot of Beautiful places that you should to see in Morocco, Because Morocco is characterized by diversity of natural and cultural diversity And that's making it owns more than wonderful views And do not forget architectural beauty

Guest requirements

Kid friendly, Non-Halal or Kashrut, Non-smoker, Non-drinker, No medical conditions e.g. diabetes, heart

Minimum group size


Advance notice (in days)


Cancellation policy.

Refundable if you cancel at least 72 hours before job starts.Refundable if you cancel at least 72 hours before job starts.

Service Rates


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photo credits to


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Mini Siam is a famous miniature park attraction in Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand. It would be much better named Mini World since visitors will be crossing the Mini Europe garden first before entering Mini Siam. Mini Siam Pattaya is not just one of Pattaya's original family attractions but is also the city's longest running visitor sights. Mini Siam consists of Thailand's many religious and historical sites. You get to enter the beautiful Siam World when you are in Mini Siam.


6. Railay Beach

Towering limestone cliffs shelter incredible beaches, the most beautiful is Railay, also known as Rai Leh, is a small peninsula between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang in Thailand.

It has enough activities for the most adventurous while allowing those who just want to chill out in paradise. Railay is accessible only by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access, and it would be easier if you book a local guide on Nuflit to travel with you to the beach. Your local guide will show you around and you can get to experience what you want there by following your local guide. 

The activities they are providing are: Rock climbing courses, sunset cruise, Thai cooking course, sea kayaking, rafting/ ATV riding, jungle treks, elephant trekking, and Island snorkelling.


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