5 Helpful Tips For a Great Angkor Wat Experience

5 Helpful Tips For a Great Angkor Wat Experience

Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious monument. The architecture and the timelessness of the structures are impressive, exceptional and truly awe-inspiring. You wouldn’t get enough of visiting this sacred site.

To make matters more interesting, portion of the 2001 film “Tomb Raider” starring Angelina Jolie were shot at Ta Prohm temple and Angkor Wat.

The closer you get to the temple, the more magnificent it will appear; you will feel the thrill of seeing a great work of art like no other. Angkor Wat is so great you will feel you can visit many times without getting tired of it.

For the first timers out there, here is a complete guide on your Angkor Wat experience.


The high season runs from November to March, when the weather is usually fair. Around late October and November, the country is still lush after the rains and there are fewer tourists.

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Angkor opens at 5.30am and this is the best time to start exploring. After sunrise, most tourists head swiftly back to their hotels for breakfast. Instead, stay out until 9am when the temples are remarkably peaceful. Avoid the usual tourist itinerary to beat the crowds. Between noon and 3.00pm, the temples would be empty due to the unbearably hot weather.

Best time of day to go would be around sunrise and sunset when the temperature is more pleasant.

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Make careful note of the dress code. While visiting the Angkor temples, wear a conservative dress. Do not wear sleeveless tops and no above the knee shorts or skirts. They do not allow you to wrap a sarong around yourself as they used to. Take an umbrella to protect yourself against the rain or sun.

Wear comfortable shoes with good soles; the paving at the temples is uneven and slippery when wet. You will be climbing on things, going up very steep steps, and walking across all different types of surfaces.


2017 angkor wat photographyA favourite spot for photography is by the left pond in front of the second enclosure. You can see the temple reflected in the water. In the morning the lotus flowers will be open. In the late afternoon the temple develops a lovely warm glow from the setting sun, so come to this spot at least twice!

If you take pictures of the carvings in the gallery with a flash, you may find that all the details are lost. Either use natural light, or use the kind of external flash that you can bounce off of another area.


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There is a lot more to the park than just Angkor Wat. The complex is huge and has so many other temples. Take the time to see as many of them as you can! Definitely go through them, don't just photograph them from the outside. Don't be put off by the smell of urine in certain areas of the temple. It's bat urine, not people's urine.

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