10 Reasons Why Winter In New Zealand is The Best

10 Reasons Why Winter In New Zealand is The Best

For those who don’t live in 4 season country, you won’t have much experience playing in the snow during winter.

New Zealand is beautiful all year long with its hot summers and snowy winters, yellow autumns and blooming pink springs.

Here are 10 reasons why New Zealand during winter is the best time to visit!

1. Less People During Winter!

Winter in New Zealand is good for those introverted travellers! There is hardly any tourist and campervans during winter! New Zealand is starting to become a hub for adventurous travellers, but they would mostly go during summer. So come during winter and enjoy having all the solitude to yourself!

2. Beautiful Snowy Mountains Everywhere

2017 nz mountain

New Zealand has some of the BIGGEST Mountains a traveller can see. In winter, these mountains are topped with snow and it will make it look like a jagged cupcake.

Imagine having a road trip and stopping every hour just to take in this entire beautiful white valley. You can’t see these during the summer! There is nothing like getting to frolic around in fresh white powder snow in the New Zealand Alps.

3. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

2017 nz skiing
This is something you need to do at least once in your life. All around New Zealand, the slopes offer the best experience for skiing and snowboarding. Have the courage to ski or snowboard down the slope and feel the breeze as you slide down the mountains.

4. It Saves Your Money

New Zealand is actually much cheaper in winter because it’s off season! The hotel rates drop and the prices go down and you’re bound to have deals wherever you go.

5. It’s Not That Cold

Unless you come from a four season country, then it might be cold for you but fortunately during winter, the country is not that cold! Also, it rarely snows in ground level in most part of the country.

In the North Island, it actually stays really mild and doesn’t get too cold. You can even go to the beach! The breeze in South Island on the other hand can sweep you off your feet but having lakes in most cities keeps the town warmer.

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6. Experience Dogsledding

2017 nz dog sled

This is one of New Zealand’s biggest secrets. Not many people know about this! In Cardrona, near Wanaka, there is a big snow park called Snow Farm and here is where you can go dogsledding! Be surrounded by howling and fluffy wolfs while you race along the beautiful tracks in the white snowy hills.

7. Meet Seals and Baby Seals

2017 nz baby seals

Not only are there seals in Kaikoura, there is even a tree house that you can stay in! Click HERE to find more tree houses around the world where you can actually sleep in!

What’s more amazing is, 15 minutes north of Kaikoura, there is a beautiful waterfall filled with baby seals! Only in New Zealand do you get an entire legion of baby seals at a beautiful waterfall.

8. Catch Up With The Locals

Because there are few tourists around, the locals are even friendlier and are more open to chatting with travellers. New Zealand is such a safe and friendly country that you don’t have to worry about being lonely.

9. Bathe in Hot springs

2017 nz hot springs

Bathing in the natural hot pools during winter is the perfect winter activity! Mostly free from foreign tourists, these iconic holiday spot is a beautiful place near the mountains and woods and is away from all the major roads.

10. Witness the Aurora Borealis in New Zealand

2017 nz aurora
When in New Zealand, make sure to head down to South Island to witness the Aurora Borealis with your own eyes. Click HERE to read about 5 OTHER countries where you can catch the Aurora Borealis.

So the next time you’re visiting New Zealand during winter, you can’t forget these three things, your passport, thick socks and a local guide to help you around New Zealand. Download the mobile app www.nuflit.com/app to find some Kiwis attending to you travelling needs.