Food to Try in Japan Other than Sushi

Food to Try in Japan Other than Sushi

When people think of Japanese food, the first few things that might come to mind are sushi, noodles, and everything matcha-flavoured. Although all of these things are amazing, Japan has many other noteworthy, yet relatively under-discussed dishes that can be found in the streets of Japan.

If you ever find yourself in Japan, eat as much food variety-wise as possible. If you ever find yourself in the city of Tokyo, check out these restaurants and food!:

Convenience Store Snacks

2017 japan food convenience store

You might be wondering why this is on the list, but Japan’s convenience and department stores sell some of the best and cheapest Japanese food. So while you are waiting for the train or your friend, pick up some delicious snacks in a convenience store that’s located right around the corner. The snacks are also a good souvenir for people back home.

Animal Donuts

2017 japan food headline

These donuts are just too cute to eat! These “Kawaii” donuts are so famous that it gets snatched off shelves quickly every day. Known as “doubutsu doonatsu” to the locals, this pastry is also taking Japan by storm and can be found all over the country.

Kit Kats

2017 japan food kitkats

Kit Kats are well-known all over the world, but trust the Japanese to go a little extra in the flavouring of this snack! You name the flavour and Japan has it! The flavour ranges from cheesecake, tea, rum & raisin, cayenne pepper and even wasabi! These Kit Kats are also a yummy snack to bring back as souvenirs for your family and friends.

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2017 japan food taiyaki

Loved by both adults and kids alike, these cute fish-shaped cakes come in many flavours. From chocolate to cheese and matcha fillings, these cakes come with a satisfying every time you munch on it. Even the smell of the pastry can be smelled in the streets of Japan!


2017 japan food fugu

Pufferfish (fugu) is a delicacy in Japan, but can prove to be fatal if not prepared properly. This delicacy is a poisonous fish that can only legally be prepared at licensed restaurants. It is a quite expensive dish, but at a fugu restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of fugu dishes, such as fugu hot pot, fugu karaage and fugu sashimi.

Chankonabe (Sumo stew)

2017 japan food sumo stew

How often do you get to eat like a sumo wrestler? This stew only comes in one size, and it is as big as a sumo wrestler’s appetite. Chankonabe is basically a jumbo-sized steamboat filled with meat and vegetables in a buttery miso soup. The taste is quite yummy and this dish is basically the food and soul of sumo wrestlers.

Vending Machine Drinks

2017 japan food vending maching

You can find these vending machines lighting up street corners and in every subway station. Japan’s vending machines are so high tech and enticing. It’s normal to find cold fizzy drinks in vending machines, but in Japan tons of other drinks like milk and beer are being sold in the vending machines.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Biscuits

 2017 japan food biscuits

Not many people know about this particular snack and they are obviously missing out! There are few flavours to choose from – Honey & Gorgonzola, Salt and Camembert, Basil Tomato & Mozzarella Cookie – and all these flavours are so good and tasty! Find these Milk Cheese biscuits in stores all over Tokyo, as they aren’t sold in any other part of Japan.


 2017 japan food omurice

Omurice involves chicken and rice stir-fry that is wrapped in an egg omelet and then topped with ketchup. This Japanese delicacy is interesting because the chef makes it interesting! Just YouTube how Omurice is made in Japan and you’re sure to want to book a flight to Japan just to taste this with your own mouth.

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