Locations in Busan to Fulfill your Drama Fantasy

Locations in Busan to Fulfill your Drama Fantasy

 The critically acclaimed 2016 Movie “Train to Busan” had put the city of Busan on the worldwide map. There have also been many international and local films, dramas and reality TV shows that have filmed in various places around Busan.

Want to kill two birds with one stone in your travels? Check out this list of tourist attractions that travellers can visit in Busan, South Korea to relive the magical on-screen moments.

Gamcheon Culture Village

2017 busan culture villageIf you've watched Running Man, you've seen the episode with Choi Jiwoo and the Running Man cast at Gamcheon. Also famously known as the Santorini of Korea, Gamcheon Cultural Village is a delightful maze of colourful murals, winding alleys and quirky sculptures.

There are a couple of good hidden cafes in between the houses which are Instagram worthys shots. Definitely worth visiting as travellers can take a stroll through the painted murals, shops and cafes.

2017 busan running man 2Image credit: Running Man/SBS

2017 busan running man

Gwangalli Beach

2017 busan gwangalli beach night

Another one of Busan’s famous beach, Gwangalli Beach will be featured in the upcoming Marvel movie “Black Panther”. This lovely beach is best visited at night when the bridge is lit up. Gwangalli Beach is not that crowded with tourists during the day, and during the night it is booming with nightlife.

It's surrounded by cafes and restaurants, which are very international in style. Jet skis, boats and paddling boards are available for rent. During the night the young crowds gather to party at the bars or have a drink with friends at the beach. The picture below is a scene from the upcoming Blank Panther movie. Can you spot Black Panther?

2017 busan gwangalli beachImage credit: Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

Haeundae Beach

2017 busan haeundae beachThe famous Yongseo celebrity couple which comprises of Yonghwa and Seohyun filmed an episode of “We Got Married” on this famous beach. Haeundae beach is the venue for various cultural events throughout the year, such as Korean wrestling. This white sand beach is tremendously popular among locals and tourists alike.

Haeundae Beach is a city beach and not a tropical paradise but it is lovely and friendly. There are a lot of sand art building in the afternoon and the facilities are easily accessible and it is easy to rent a beach umbrella.

2017 busan wgmImage credit: We Got Married/ MBC

Jagalchi Market

2017 busan jagalchi marketKorea’s largest fish market also served as a filming location in the upcoming Marvel Movie “Black Panther”. You can find all sorts of live and dried seafood. There is an array of inexpensive and fresh seafood. There is an indoor and outdoor section to the market, and you can even find seafood restaurants and buffets available with fresh ingredients.

It is definitely a place you should visit to get a feel for the lifestyle that the Busan locals live. On the first floor of the market is somewhere around 60-80 stalls selling all sorts of live seafood. The picture below is a fighting scene from the movie Blank Panther

2017 busan jagalchiHave this list peaked your interesting in visiting Busan and its many tourist attractions? Don’t forget to bring your camera the next time you’re visiting Busan and its well-known filming locations!

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