Quick Tips for Sleeping at the Airport

Quick Tips for Sleeping at the Airport

Sleeping at the airport is never ideal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Perhaps your flight is delayed, your seat gets bumped, or you have an overnight layover. Whatever the reason, here are six tips to help you get a decent sleep in the airport.

Make Safety a Priority

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If you must sleep in the terminal, travelling light is a way to prevent your belongings from getting stolen. However, if you do have to carry around a large suitcase or more than one bag, check to see if the airport has luggage storage.

Keep you passports with you at all times and use your carry-on bag as your pillow to avoid your valuables to be stolen.

Double check to see that all of your bags are locked and try sleeping with your hands or legs wrapped around your suitcase or bag pack.

Don’t Choose an Isolated Location

This is important to those solo travellers out there who have no companion to guard you. Isolated places such as yoga or prayer room seems like a good place to get some rest but it also increases the chances of getting robbed. You’ll be better off sleeping near your gate where there are other people surrounding you.

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Create a Restful Environment

Create a more comfortable environment for your rest. Change into a more comfortable clothing and use a scarf or jacket as your blanket. A neck pillow, sleeping mask and earphones are also useful objects for a good sleep in the airport.

Set an Alarm

Between all the jet lag and travelling you’ve done, you might be a victim of oversleeping. Use your phone or any other devices as an alarm and make sure all your devices are charged.

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Expect to Get Woken Up by Security

Some airports securities will rouse you from your sleep, especially if you’re an overnight sleeper. Be ready to show your boarding pass and explain the situation that you’re in.

Look Around the Airport

For those long layovers and delayed flights, sleeping at airports is unavoidable. Fortunately, many major airports offer Wi-Fi and chargers. But not all airports will give you the freedom to sleep in the terminal. Do your research on the airports you’ll be at and the amenities and facilities they offer. Do consider on-site hotels for those travellers who have extra money to spare and would want a much needed sleep before embarking on their journey.

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